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Advanced English

OBJECTIVE: At the outset of the advanced learners course, the experience of the last three groups has been to not adopt a book.


As a result each week we tackle a new and inspiring theme, read an article or listen to a dialogue followed by a discussion.


As students talk, I as the teacher in addition to prompting the conversation, take notes and point out student’s shortcomings, giving further examples and maybe following them up the week after with additonal exercises.


Our aim is to pinpoint individual errors, and to help the student correct, and improve on them.


Our goal is to expand students’ limits in terms of vocabulary range and language use, getting them to speak more naturally, and using appropriate words and word order to build up his own unique style with the fullest self-con dence. And most important of all, having fun along the way. 



Sede di Camponogara

Docente: Crompton Angela

Sede: Camponogara

Giorni e Orari: Sabato 10.00-12.00

Lezioni: 15 da 2 ore

costo: € 155,00