Area Linguistica - Corso di Conversazione in Inglese



Corso di Conversazione

in Lingua Inglese

OVERVIEW: The course provides a variety of activity types including jigsaw communication, task-based learning, role-play, collaborative projects and supplementary activities to present, analyse, practise and reinforce the studied language (level. CEFR B2).



  • Business / work: tips for job interviews in English • Speaking over the phone
  • Food – cooking / recipes
  • The environment – animals / nature
  • Likes and dislikes – society and culture
  • Idioms and proverbs – history / traditions 
  • Storytelling


Corso di Conversazione in Lingua Inglese


Sede di Camponogara

Docente: Stefanato Aljoska

Sede: Camponogara

Giorni e Orari: Lunedì 10.55-12.55

Lezioni: 15 da 2 ore

costo: € 145,00