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Essentials of technical English

This course is suitable for trainees with at least an intermediate level of English, who have good skills and knowledge of written/spoken English. It is not recommended for absolute beginners.


TARGET OF THE COURSE: This course aims to provide the students with a proper and correct essential technical vocabulary in English. During the lessons, the trainee will learn the basic technical terms of the English language, including also the elementary methods of interpreting and compiling the technical documents, such as technical sheets, product and material speci cations, drawings and user’s manuals. Some hours will be devoted to carrying out practical tests, while part of the course will cover the elementary aspects of a correct approach to technical negotiations in English. At the end of the course the student will be better acquainted with the use of the technical words during a conversation as well as the translation of drawings and the compilation of technical documents.



• essential vocabulary of technical English

• Introduction to the interpretation and the composition of technical documents (technical sheets and speci cations, drawings, User’s manuals)

• essentials of the correct approach to a technical negotiation in English language.

Essentials of 

technical English

Docente: Gozzelino Bruno

Sede: Camponogara

Giorni e Orari: Sabato 14.15-16.15

Lezioni: 4 da 2 ore

costo: € 230,00